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Sunday, 21 July 2013

10 Best Things to Sell Online

Here's a quick list of the 10 best things to sell online:
1. Books
The release of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader saw online sales of e-books skyrocket. The sheer number of people willing to download a book and read it on a hand-held electronic reader is staggering and it's still growing each day. Book sales make up more than a quarter of the multi-billion dollar online shopping industry, so they're not going away any time soon.
2. Information Products
This might fall under a similar category to books, but the information product market is huge all on its own. People are willing to pay good money for information about a particular topic or niche that interests them, especially if they're able to download it immediately.
3. Software Programs
The ability to download software programs means more computer users are willing to purchase what they need online and download it direct when they want it. There's no need to wait for the CD to arrive in the post to install the programs they want. Computer software always features highly in any list of 10 best things to sell online.
4. Video Games
As more people turn to the Internet for entertainment and amusement, the number of video game sales has also shot upwards.
5. Women's Clothing and Apparel
The ability to shop for any fashion designs or accessories from around the world makes it very easy to sell clothing and apparel. Women love shopping online, as most online clothing stores offer generous return policies if they purchase the wrong size.
6. Health and Beauty
The sheer number of health and beauty products available online allows customers to compare products and prices before making a decision. It also allows them access to a vast range of products they may not be able to purchase locally.
7. Jewelry
Online jewelry sales are always incredibly popular. The ability to purchase exquisite jewelry items at cheap prices is always enticing and online jewelry stores are able to keep their costs low because they're not paying expensive rent costs for stores in a mall somewhere.
8. Consumer Electronics and Accessories
As more people turn to buying smartphones and other electronic items, the need to buy accessories for those items increases dramatically. Sales of smartphone covers, earphone sets, car kits and a range of other accessories in an array of styles, designs and colors are always popular.
9. Music
Downloading music onto smartphones and other electronic devices is still growing in popularity.
10. Gifts
In this day and age, finding the right gift for someone is always challenging. Yet buying gift cards from favorite stores online allows the recipient to buy whatever they want and makes it much easier for the gift-giver too. It's also possible for the recipient to send a link to a much-wanted product and allow the gift-giver to go ahead and purchase the item as a gift. Either way, everyone wins.
These are just the 10 best things to sell online for this year. There are thousands of others to choose from.
This information is from Tom Hua Co-founder of the World Internet Summit - the worlds biggest internet business event.
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